For the Protection of your Children & Transparency of our Staff & Center...

At New Wonders Learning Center, your Children's Safety & Security is the most important thing.

We have installed AngelWatch which allows parents to Check in in full HD to their children whenever they would like on a protected network that only the parent can see through a porthole controlled at Angel Watch’s Command Center on AngelWatch's protected servers, network and APP.  You can watch them laugh and play as much as they would like or need.

With the Angel Watch Patented Smart Device Systems with a touch of your finger you can now see what you would have missed for days on AngelWatch's triple encrypted cloud network, the same system that is used for your online banking needs. You can now see and capture moments that they would normally miss.

Also, in order to enter the center there is a security touch pad that only authorized people may use to pick up your child. No child will be released to a person without written or verbal permission from the parent or guardian.  If a parent cannot appear to pick up their child, they should arrange to have a reliable individual who is kept on the pickup list to pick up the child.  This designated individual will have to provide a photo ID upon picking up the child.  It is the responsibility of the parent to keep all emergency contact information updated.